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Moira: A Person’s Fate or Destiny

3 James Street is named Moira House, inspired by the loose definition of ‘a person’s fate or destiny’.

Moira is regulated by the CQC to provide nursing care and treatment. It is headed by a principle psychologist and run by qualified nurses and other professionals to provide a full team approach. It is an all-female treatment unit for residents with a diagnosis of personality disorder (PD).

10 Bathrooms

Like Providence, Moira is an all-female unit whose residents have a diagnosis of personality disorder. However, unlike Providence, Moira is not a hospital, and won’t accept anyone who has been detained under the Mental Health Act. Instead, Moira is designed to provide a more rehab-focused placement aimed at lower-risk service users, or those who have completed treatment in Providence and need more practical rehabilitation.

Moira is managed by qualified nursing staff, but predominately staffed by support workers. Primarily, their focus is on helping service users to improve their Activities of Daily Living, otherwise known as ADLs.

Activities of Daily Living are defined as:

  • Maintaining a safe environment
  • Communication
  • Breathing
  • Eating and drinking
  • Elimination (using the bathroom)
  • Washing and dressing
  • Controlling temperature
  • Mobilisation
  • Working and playing
  • Sleeping
  • Expressing sexuality
  • Death and dying

As well as improving these ADLs, Moira’s chief aim is to consolidate the therapy skills learned by service users to reduce symptoms associated with Personality Disorder, in turn reducing risk behaviours. Stays in Moira will be a maximum of two years, and there are fewer formal therapies than those provided in Providence.

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Our Location

Our site is situated in the village of Oswaldtwistle, between the two larger towns of Accrington and Blackburn, a little way off the M65.

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