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“Helping you to commit to a life worth living”


About Us

At Aaban, our priority is you. We are a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, psychiatrists and other respected healthcare professionals. Together, we have years of collective experience in both the development and delivery of psychiatric and mental health services, and our combined in-house expertise ensures that we’re able to provide our service users with the very highest quality of treatment and care.

We know that what’s most important to our service users is having a safe, peaceful environment for their recovery, and our purpose-built facilities have been built by specialist architects with this in mind. Both Providence and Moira comprise single bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms for each of our individual service users, giving them the privacy and dignity they deserve.

The Aaban Concept

Respect, compassion and person-centred care are central principles at Aaban. Every one of our decisions is taken collaboratively, with the welfare of our residents in mind.

We are ambitious for your recovery and believe that your diagnosis need not be a barrier to what you can achieve. Feelings of frustration and a sense of not being listened to are both very familiar experiences for many of our service users, so at Aaban we make sure we’re responsive and flexible in the way we meet your needs. Our primary choice of treatment model (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) is person-centred, allowing our multidisciplinary staff to tailor your treatment according to what works for you.

Meanwhile, our purpose-built treatment facilities (Providence and Moira) are more than just buildings – every aspect of them has been carefully and deliberately designed by specialist architects to help you as much as possible with your recovery.

They’re set in the heart of an existing local community, so that you can recover in privacy without feeling isolated from the world. Your private room and en-suite bathroom are designed to give you valuable personal space without limiting your ability to socialise with your fellow service users and care staff.

Together, we’re here to help you learn new and effective ways to handle your mental health whilst helping change any harmful behaviours, and even give you the opportunity to help others along the way. Ultimately, everything we do is about helping you to help yourself, so you can become fully independent, and that’s why our ethos is “helping you to commit to a life worth living.”

Model Of Care

We are informed by the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy model of care. Originally based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, DBT is a talking therapy that has been adapted to help people who experience their emotions very intensely, which can then have an impact on their mental health.

These intense emotions – and the challenging behaviours that arise from them – are amongst the most common symptoms of Personality Disorders. DBT aims to deal with these behaviours by helping people with Personality Disorders to manage their emotions, through encouraging them to understand, acknowledge and accept them. Then, as their feelings become more manageable, they become more capable of developing and practicing positive techniques to cope better with stressful situations.

As with any lifestyle change, this is not a quick or easy process. It requires time, effort and dedication, but it is achievable. Through our treatment, our DBT experts teach a balance of acceptance and change techniques:

  • Acceptance techniques are designed to help our service users to understand themselves as a person, and learn more about the reasons why they might resort to extreme behaviour to express their emotions.
  • Change techniques, on the other hand, are concerned with forming alternative, constructive ways to deal with these emotions. Over time, these new coping mechanisms can eventually replace their previous extreme behaviour.

We use a mixture of individual therapy – involving one-on-one time – together with group skills training therapy, which gives service users the opportunity to practice the skills they’ve learned within a group of their peers. As well as helping individuals to understand their emotions, working within a group can also assist them in gaining a better understanding of the emotions and reactions of others, and how their own actions can influence these.

Guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) shows that DBT can be helpful in tackling serious issues related to Personality Disorders such as self-harming, suicide attempts and violent behaviour. If necessary, we complement our DBT model of care with other forms of therapy. These can help to tackle related aspects of an individual’s mental health condition.

Our Location

Our site is situated in the village of Oswaldtwistle, between the two larger towns of Accrington and Blackburn, a little way off the M65.

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